Fisherman Caught Record-Breaking 135-Kilos Grouper (PHOTO)

Photo - Fisherman Caught Record-Breaking 135-Kilos Grouper

A fisherman, Cullen Greer, 28, caught about 2 meters long, 135 kg Warsaw grouper last month. It may be considered as one of the biggest groupers ever caught.

According to Greer, he was on an overnight fishing trip along Louisiana coast with colleagues when a 30-minute battle began with what he first thought was a snag.

“I told the captain, ‘I think I’m stuck,'” he said. “He put a couple of cranks on it and said, ‘Yeah, that’s a fish.'”

Only in 2008, a bigger grouper was caught, it weighted about 163kg.

Greer was fishing about 35 miles from the end of the Mississippi Delta, using live tuna bait.

According to My Fox, Greer’s catch needs to be verified by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association and would reportedly be the fifth-largest ever brought back to a Louisiana port.

The crew used an external freezer once they hauled the fish onto the deck and headed back to the Louisiana dock. Greer said the fish had more meat on it than he could ever pack onto the plane home. So he distributed some of the meat to boat hands and the boat’s captain.

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