AMAZING: Nigerian Couple Loses Their $50m Jackpot Winning Ticket, Has It Returned By A Church Goer

A family couple of Nigerian emigrants to Canada was experienced a lifetime event when a lottery ticket worth $50 million disappeared, but then was found and returned by a church goer.

Nigeria-born Hakeem Nosiru was victorious in Lotto Max lottery draw on January 17, 2014. The man attached the signed ticket to the inner side of his wife’s purse for keeping it safe.

Hakeem and Abiola were one day from collecting the money, but they found out that $50m jackpot ticket had gone missing. The couple attended a local church on that day.

Both of them felt miserable, searched everywhere at their home, but with no result.

Hakeem Nosiru kisses his wife Abiola

* Hakeem Nosiru kisses his wife Abiola at the ceremony. Photo credit – DailyMail

A divine intervention happened on April fool’s day, April 1. The Nigerian-Canadian family received the ticket from an undisclosed member of the congregation, who discovered it and made a return to their address.

However, this did not automatically mean that $50 m would go straight into the pockets of Hakeem and Abiola. The local police had conducted an investigation to assure that it was not a fraudulent plot.

Finally, the checks have been over and the couple appeared in the office of lottery organisers to collect their cheque on July 2, 2014, Monday.

Hakeem Nosiru kisses his wife Abiola

* A $50 million cheque is being presented by the Vice President of the organising company, Ontario Lottery and Gaming. Photo credit – DailyMail

The winners revealed that some of their money would be spent on travelling and some on helping out their family. 

Abiola, whose ‘porous’ has triggered the situation, said that she and her husband were not sure on how to express their gratitude to the church goer. Therefore, they began with just saying “thank you” on camera.

In their situation, how would you reward a person, who returns you a lottery ticket worth millions of dollars?

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