Ada MP Stops Saboteurs

…It’s no surprise to attract criticism and condemnation from individuals who have been halted in their efforts to rape the country of its scarce resources.

In anger and disgrace, offenders will do anything to destroy whoever is waging the crusade against their corrupt practices.

The MP for Ada, Hon. Comfort Cudjoe Ghansah who is also a Minister of State at the Presidency, in-charge of Social and Allied Institutions has fallen victim to such unscrupulous people who felt she has denied them their livelihood because she kept an eagle eye on the cost of rehabilitating the Ada lorry station, and managed to executeb other projects not included in the budget.

The saboteurs quickly engaged in media publications to attack her about the project, which through her personal intervention has saved the people huge sums of money which otherwise would have ended up in some individuals pockets.

The Daily Democrat’s investigations indicate that, the detractors who levelled the allegations against the MP are all NDC members in the Ada East Constituency. They accused her of underhand dealings in the utilization of her common fund to construct the recently commissioned Kasseh Ada No.1 branch of the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union station, which have turned out to be false.

However unknown to them, the monies used for the lorry station project came from the MP’s own pocket and not from the Common fund as is being alleged. The MP, it was learnt contracted a personal loan from Merchant Bank which the bank is deducting her from her salary.

The lorry station project which started in June 2013 was commissioned by Hon. Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah on the 15th of May, 2014.

She embarked on the project to prevent the ordeal that drivers and traders go through at the station whenever it rains.

The project was carried out as a labour intensive where the materials were purchased for local artisans to do the work according to the amount that she could provide, and therefore did not no need any tendering because it was not given to a contractor, but rather local artisans to create job in the area.

The Daily Democrat found out that, some of the materials were bought from Reputable Companies, and issued with receipts in her name, while other receipts were acknowledged in the name of the Assembly.

Available information revealed that, when the Assembly wanted to tender the project, they indicated that the GH¢331, 000.00 would only do the pavement, and exclude gravel and other physical changes including a shed.

However, when the MP calculated and noted that the said amount could do a lot more, she decided to give the project to a local artisan to derive value for money instead of just the pavement at an inflated price of GH¢331, 000.00, hence the engagement of direct labour in the locality to make sure they did not exceed the amount.

However because the detractors had their own agenda, they did not cross check their facts, they rather went around spreading accusations that she did not let the project go through the tender process, and that she has squandered Gh?331,000.00.

The paper gathered that, the detractors all the time, thought the project cost of GH¢331, 000.00 was being financed through the Common Fund, and therefore, wanted the MP to tell them how the contract was given and which newspaper also carried the tender publication.

The project was commissioned by the Greater regional Minister Hon. NIi laryea Afotey Agbo