Campaign dubbed ‘Countdown to a clean nation’ set to begin in Accra

A civil society group Clean Ghana Now has begun a campaign aimed at cleaning the filth in the capital, Accra which would replicated in other parts of the country.

Dubbed count down to a clean nation, the campaign is geared towards ridding the country of the filth which has choked many parts of the country.

The group has outlined a number of measures including a petition to the Accra Mayor aimed at resolving one of Accra’s biggest headaches.

A statement issued by the spokesperson of the movement called on all Ghanaians to put their hands on deck in a bid to fight this canker.

The following is the full statement;

Tomorrow, June 5th, 2014 is World Environment Day. Today in Ghana, every resident produces an average of 0.68

kg of waste a day, in Accra alone, we generate 3,200,000kg of solid waste a day. 85 percent of that waste can be


Dablah, Chief Executive Officer if the Renewable Green Energy Group and a spokesperson for the Clean

Ghana Now movement said “as we demand action and change from public officials, be the change you want in your

community. Reduce and lower the amount of waste you produce, use materials repeatedly, recycle and make new

materials out of discarded ones. We can and should recover energy from waste and we should insist that local

government safely disposes of waste to landfill.”

Clean Ghana Now consists of a group of citizens living in and around Accra, the 100 year old capital of

Ghana, who are marching peacefully at 8am on Saturday June 7th, 2014 from the Hearts of Oak park in

the center of Accra to present a petition, alongside neatly sorted refuse they will pick up on the route

to the Mayor of Accra, Dr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije.

The petition will request that the Mayor and local authorities attend a forum in La on sustainable waste management

solutions in 4 weeks. The objective of the La forum is to spark a nationwide model project, one in each of the 10

regions in Ghana, that can be replicated street by street, community by community, district by district.

Accra is one of the dirtiest capitals in Africa. Dablah said, “in the Gateway to West Africa, we produce more waste

than Burkina Faso and we can make a difference today. Waste is actually a valuable resource, our goal is beyond the

occasional clean up with refuse piled along the streets or simply dumping refuse in landfills. We aim to change waste

management by increasing landfill diversion by 85% and recover more resources within the first 2 years of


In the UK, ahead of World Environment Day, the Queen is expected to announce, today, in her annual speech to

Parliament and the nation, the introduction of a levy on plastic bags designed to reduced usage by 75 percent.

Plastic bags are used for an average of 20 minutes and take 1000 years to degrade. Closer to home, Rwanda has

banned the manufacture, sale and use of plastic bags.

Join the Clean Ghana Now March at 8am. on Saturday June 7, 2014 and support the countdown to a clean nation.

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