“Unscrupulous” Dep Ministers Responsible For Reshuffle Of Some Performing Ministers

Managing Editor of The Informer newspaper, Andy Kankam has slammed the decision to reshuffle some government appointees, especially Hon. Akwasi Oppong-Fosu, who was once the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development.

His anger stems from the fact that he believes President John Dramani Mahama acted on reports of badmouthing and false information from some “unscrupulous” deputy ministers to sack a minister he felt was on top of his job.

President Mahama on last Friday announced the removal of Hon. Akwasi Oppong-Fosu as a substantive minister from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to pave way for Hon. Julius Debrah to continue the activities of the Local Government Ministry.

Reacting to the dismissal of the Amenfi-East Constituency Member of Parliament from his ministerial position, Andy Kankam asserted on Okay Fm’s “Adeakye Abia” program that the decision to reshuffle Hon Oppong-Fosu was a bad one since he (Oppong-Fosu) had brought sanity and discipline into the sector.

He accused some “lazy” and “unscrupulous” deputy ministers of backstabbing their bosses by feeding the president with false information culminating in their (bosses) removal from office.

Expressing disappointment in President Mahama’s decision to reshuffle some performing ministers, the editor of pro-NDC newspaper emphatically hinted that the President accepted the false reports he received.

He thus vowed to expose the deputy ministers who are not directing their strength towards achieving the NDC’s Better Ghana Agenda but are instead promising contractors of non-existent contracts and swindling them in the process.

“We have more exposé on some deputy ministers who schemed and undermined some sector ministers to lose their positions. Some of the deputy ministers are not focusing on their assigned responsibilities…but they just go about backbiting their bosses…we will go out and expose them how people are promising contractors contracts when there is no contract; how deputy ministers are swindling people of their valuables. To have removed Hon. Oppong-Fosu and replaced him completely, I just cannot understand what is happening because some concerned technocrats at the Local Government ministry are confused by the removal of the sector minister…..some technocrats from procurement at the Local Government have opted out for transfer due to pressure from some unscrupulous people who want to grab any contract deal. The better Ghana agenda they promised, they are simply not interested in pursuing it,” he said.