Prez Mahama Needs Your Help Now – Hannah Bissiw

At the very moment the last ballot gets counted by electoral officers, the way forward is for all political parties to come together and assist the party which emerged winners asserts Dr. Hannah Bissiw.

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture in Charge of Livestock made this observation during an interview with Peace FM. According to her, it saddens her that the country has allowed political vindictiveness to eat it up leading to a retrogression of development.

Currently, Ghana’s economic situation is nothing good to write home about but Dr. Bissiw believes there are fine brains within the various political parties who could come up with fantastic ideas for the current administration to put to good use for the benefit of all.

But as a result of the type of politics being practiced currently in the country, she doubted if knowledgeable people with the technical knowhow and abilities in other political parties would come out to assist the National Democratic Congress in times of trouble.

She advised individuals who wished to see the down fall of President Mahama that they should bear in mind that any failure in his administration would definitely have a telling effect on them or their loved ones.