P0*n Addict Brutally defiled And Killed His Mother-in-Law, Pleaded Not Guilty

A man who brutally defiled and killed his mother-in-law was sentenced to life imprisonment, London, UK.


Last year a 32-year-old Mohammud Yusuf attacked his aged mother-in-law, Amoe Stevens, almost in front of his young children who were in the adjoining room. Yusuf who is obsessed with violent p****graphy movies has s*xual intercourse with the woman before leaving her to bleed to death at her home.

A motionless woman’s body was found by a сarer who immediately informed the police and the victim was rushed to a local hospital, where she later died. During the investigation Yusuf’s phone and computer was examined and P0*nographic videos showing violent r*pe, gang r*pe and inc*st were revealed.

Both Yusuf’s sons who were witnesses to the crime gave testimony against their father. Margaret Stevens, Yusuf’s wife, admitted that the incident destroyed their family, moreover, now the children are suffering psychological problems while one of them has resorted to self-harm. Ms Stevens also expressed her grief as her husband showed no pangs of conscience for what he had done.

The victims was described as a “soft-spoken, hard-working loving person who was the peacemaker in any disputes.” The case also noticeably shocked the jury and the judge who said that the lady suffered the most agonising death imaginable. Although the man denied the allegations he was unanimously convicted of the charge and could face life sentence.