No Man’s Land, See The Hotel Hidden In A British Sea Fort


Why book a regular hotel when you can hole up in a 19th-century Victorian sea fort off the coast of England?

No Man’s Land Fort is set to become the “unrivaled private island” of your dreams. The site itself was built in 1867 to protect the English city of Portsmouth from the warships of Napoleon the III. Later this year, it will re-open as a 22-bedroom, four-level, middle-of-the-water resort with a spa, restaurant, lighthouse, helipad and laser tag course.

Just imagine riding a boat to your digs more than a mile out at sea.

No Man’s Land is one of three former forts operated by AmaZing Venues, who is actively accepting resumes for a “Fort Ruler” of the new hotel (duties include clearing seagulls from the helipad and testing laser tag guns).

The company has already turned nearby Spitbank Fort (photos below) into a traveler’s paradise–and if No Man’s Land is really going to be ritzier than this, we can’t wait to see what’s in store.