This British-Nigerian Actor Lands In Trouble In The Uk After Assaulting Girlfriend (Photo)

A 38-year-old British-Nigerian actor, Adereti Monney appeared before a Highbury Magistrates’ Court for attacking his radio and TV star girlfriend, Lisa Snowdon, 42 on a London street.

Actor Adereti Monney & girlfriend Lisa Snowdon

His girlfriend, Lisa didn’t want to press charges but the attack was witnessed by a police officer and it was he who reported the incident.

Monney who is also known as Tim Wade, confessed to assault by beating after he pushed his girlfriend against a wall in Camden, North London but he was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 as his girlfriend refused to press charges.

Monney has appeared in films like “Knife Edge” and “Rollin’ With the Nines”.

He is also the head of communications and lifestyle at’s fashion and technology brand

The couple have been dating since January and and despite the incident they are “very happy together” a source said.

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