NPP Always Shouting From Roof-Tops Claiming To Be Democratic

A member of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawyer John Owusu Agyeman, has stated that from his extensive research on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the United Party tradition, he has come to the conclusion that the biggest opposition party has never been democratic.

Speaking on Accra-based NEAT 100.9 FM on the endless infighting in the NPP over who is best qualified to be the flagbearer, Lawyer Owusu Agyeman asserted that the acrimonious nature these contests take on in the NPP goes beyond normal democratic process to choose leaders.

“…As I sit here, I have studied the NPP and their forebears for many years and in all these years, they never came across as democrats. They have never been democrats. They have always shouted from the rooftops, claiming to be democrats, especially in the latter part of the 40’s but their behavior does not show they are indeed democrats”.

“…why am I saying that? After we attained independence and moved into a democratic dispensation, they did nothing but resort to vilification of our first President. They even went as far as bombing and shooting people all over the place. They threw about six bombs in 1962 alone,” he stated.

According to Lawyer John Owusu Agyeman, the internal wrangling in the NPP ahead of its Presidential primaries clearly indicates how far they would go to win power.

“This undemocratic trait of the NPP, which began even before Ghana’s independence, was replicated during the regime of Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Evans Attah Mills, and it is at play again today, with President John Dramai Mahama as President,” he added.

He also recounted the invectives politicians of the UP tradition poured on other past leaders of Ghana like, General Kutu Acheampong and late President Hilla Limann.

“…what didn’t they do to Acheampong? They insulted every single leader…even the Limann government was not spared. Is that the behavior of a democrat?” the NDC stalwart quizzed.