‘I Am A Member Of APC’ – Shocking Confession Of A Robber Nabbed With Gun Hidden Inside Disc Player (See Photo)

A suspected armed robber who concealed a locally made gun inside a disc player has been arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Lagos in the course of an undercover operation.

Azeez Adebayo holding the gun concealed in a disc player

According to a police source, they sent informants after the suspect, named Azeez Adebayo when they got information that he was in possession of a locally made gun and he is also a member of a robbery gang, which usually comes from Ogun State to rob in Lagos and then return to their base.

When we were convinced that he had a gun and a gang, we asked him to come with his gang and join us for a robbery operation in Ikorodu. We got his phone number and then convinced him that we were a big time armed robbery gang in Lagos. He even volunteered to help us get some people who have AK-47 in Sagamu,” the police source said.

He couldn’t get the people on time, so they asked him to come with the one he has and he was said to have travelled to Lagos with the gun inside the disc player without any problems. Unknown to him, he was being set up by the police. That is how he was caught.

The police learnt that Adebayo had been to prison before and yet he didn’t change his ways when he got out, but rather he went back to the criminal life. He would be charged to court as soon as investigations were concluded, the police source said.

Speaking with journalist, Adebayo revealed that he worked as a ticketer for a motorcycle riders union in Ogun State and that he is a politician and a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

He said the gun which was given to him by one of his bosses, a member of  Odua People’s Congress (OPC) in Ifo was part of his tools as a politician and was normally used for election purposes.

He claimed that he never used cartridges with the gun as it wasn’t meant for shooting but to scare people away during election.

While insisting he did not go back to crime, Adebayo said, “It is only God that knows my mind. I did not do anything. I am not using the gun for anything.”

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