14-Yr-Old Husband Killer Begs Court To Release Her

Young bride Wasila Umar accused of poisoning her 35-year-old husband and his friends in Kano, pleaded the judge of the juvenile court to release her over being homesick.

Wasila Umar

Photo: Wasila Umar

Speaking exclusively with Vanguard correspondent before the arraignment, the 14-year-old lamented that despite substantial support from her family and even from unfamiliar people, she missed her mother:

“I miss my mum who has not been allowed to visit me in a strange land… My dad and aunt visited me a few days ago and conveyed my mother’s message but the vacuum created by her absence can not be filled by anyone.”

Meanwhile the late husband’s father Sani Garba told the journalist he still was unable to overcome the grief and said:

“Do you know that I lost three children to her action and you are asking whether I have forgiven her? The act was too painful to be forgiven and I don’t think I can forgive her.”

Narrating how the relationships between his son and Wasila started, he said the two had courted for a year before the marriage and were no strangers to each other. 

The suspect’s father Tasiu Muhammad said they would never abandon their “little girl”, attributing Wasila’s act to the destiny. He also said that his family had visited the in-law to beg for forgiveness.

It would be recalled that the young widow, who had been reportedly forced to marry against her wish, repented over the crime saying she would dedicate the rest of her life to seeking for Allah’s forgiveness.

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