Youth in politics have abandoned research to chase candidates – Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey

Executive Director of Institute for Democratic and Economic Governance, Dr. Emmanuel Akwettey has rebuked the youth of various political parties for paying too much attention to politics instead of doing research and analyzing policies.

“The gentlemen and ladies in the political parties, do not have time to go through these things systematically… do research. They simply do not pay attention”, a worried policy expert said.

His observation came as options for solving Ghana’s power crisis were being discussed on Joy FM’s Newsfile, Saturday. Ghana is relying on incoming gas to mitigate the effects of the disturbing power crisis. The gas is set to arrive in September, according to the Energy Minister Emmanuel Armah Buah.

But the policy expert says Ghana’s continued reliance of solving the energy crisis by simply bringing in thermal plants or gas is, “not working”.

“Let’s challenge our parties to devote a little more time thinking through our development challenges because you need finer things to solve things on a sustainable basis”, he said.

He characterized the energy crisis as evidence that “political parties [over the years] are not working hard enough”.

Ghana has several political parties with the main ones being the governing National Democratic Congress and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). These two parties have ruled Ghana since 1992.

The parties have been blamed at various times of waiting for power crisis to fuel any intervention to add megawatts to Ghana’s power grid.

Development is a systematic process, Dr. Akwettey said, needing different ideas and experiments but political parties in Ghana are all concentrating on elections.

“Where are their research [works]?… about 70% or more are concentrating on candidates”, he lamented.

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