The Remaking Of Responsive Leaders In Africa

It’s increasingly worrying to note the trend of leadership in the continent that’s more tuned to selfishness, egotism and self-centered.

On the political plane, individuals go to the extent of begging for votes from the electorates only to lord themselves on them when given the much-sought-after mandate. Unlike in the past, today’s African youth is not looking for an opportunity into Government to change the rottening tooth in the country but to contribute to the plundering and bleeding of their individual nation’s dry.

The likes of Julius Malema in South Africa, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa of Ghana, and Kaydor of Liberia are few of the many youths who touted change on the pulpit only to get worse when they had the chance to sit on the high table.

Our current African leaders know they have failed the leadership conscience index and have vowed to corrupt the good manners of right thinking youths in the continent. Majority of these youths too have re-oriented their thinking around the notion that, real and quick riches abounds in the land of Government.

They have given meaning to this by attacking and insulting opponents in order to be spotted by the leaders of his/her party. They see character assassination as the surest pass into Government. Genuine leadership is non-negotiable. Corrupt, bad and unresponsive leadership has been the bane of the deteriorating economies in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. Unlike in the West, leaders of Africa are arrogant and act stupid. They act and take decisions that right thinking children will not do.

Their decisions are short term based with little or no benefit to the coming generations. They believe and sing “each one for himself, God for us all” delusional mantra. It’s worth remarking that, their conscience has been seared by the needs of their stomach. Satisfying their stomach and that of their family is paramount to them. For how long shall we keep mute and suffer in our own continent? However, developing a leadership conscience goes beyond how John Mahama, Jacob Zumah, Goodluck Jonathan and Ellen Sirleaf Johnson see leadership. They need to feel the pulse of their vulnerable citizens; they need to see the future which is not within the sight of their praise singers; and they need to be honest with themselves. For example, the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party in Ghana is notoriously noted for destroying the gains of the Kuffuor Government with his corrupt appointees and bad lifestyle.

National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), School feeding Program and the National Youth Employment Program now (GYEEDA) have all been destroyed by the current regime. Ghana unlike many fast growing countries in the continent looked tattered after fifty-seven (57) years into independence. The right thinking youths need to emerge to right some of these wrongs for the better.

The continent cannot continue to be dwarfed just because its current leaders are selfishly motivated. We need to change these leaders by showing them the exit. The youths need to dis-orient themselves from the mind warp ideas ruling our hearts today. Our leaders are at their wit end. Nothing new can come from them. If care is not taken, they will commit worst mistakes that will take centuries to undo them. Let’s focus on the sights of our true continent which is reflected by the poor folks and do the right thing.