New York Drama: Nigerian-American Student Attempts To Commit Suicide, Goes Missing (PICTURED)

New York Police intensifies the search for a Nigerian-American High School Student, Omotayo Adeoye, who is missing for the second day in a row. 

Omotayo Adeoye Missing

* Omotayo Adeoye cannot be found in New York. Photo – SaharaReporters 

The drama began on May 29, 2014, Thursday, around 3.30pm, local time. Omotayo Adeoye, the student of the High School of Mathematics and Science, has allegedly attempted to kill herself by jumping off George Washington Bridge.

George Washington Bridge in New York

* George Washington Bridge, New York. Photo –

An eyewitness told the local police that the girl was seen jumping from the bridge straight into the waters of the Hudson River. The impact with the surface has probably been non-fatal, as Adeoye surfaced shortly after her long jump.

The fate of the student remains unclear. Some claimed that she was seen swimming towards the New York bank of the Hudson, while other witnesses informed that Adeoye lost her battle with strong currents of the river and was swept away by them. 

According to the information obtained by SaharaReporters from police officials, the student was declared missing and the investigations were underway. 

Neither the school board, nor New York High School Superintendent’s office in Brooklyn could clear the air on the situation with the missing gifted Nigerian-American girl.

We pray for her survival.

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