Frank Lampard opens up about TV presenter fiancée

Frank Lampard has opened his heart to talk about his relationship with Christine Bleakley.

The Chelsea footballer said during an interview with Red magazine, that his TV presenter love is his ‘best friend’.

‘People say opposites attract, but when you live together, you need to be harmonious, and she’s my best friend,’ Lampard, 35, told the magazine.

Opening up: Frank Lampard has talked about his relationship with fiancée Christine Bleakley in Red magazine

‘She’s made me content,’ he continues. ‘That sounds soppy, but I’ve been very happy since I’ve been with her. Our personalities are very similar. I’ve got a lot of respect for what she says – she’s sharp.

‘I bounce my problems off her, and I’d like to think I help her with her stuff, too.’

Frank also reveals how much he loves the fact his daughters, from his relationship with Elen Rivas; get on so well with Christine, 35.

‘[Christine and the girls] will now gang up on me,’ the footballer said.  ‘For me, that’s great, because going into a relationship, the step-parent role is hard. To get to the point where I see the girls saying, ‘We’ve got Chris, and we’re doing this,’ is brilliant.’

He added: ‘I had a year of being a single dad and it was tough. Even now, we have our moments – when I’ve come back from work and I’ve lost, and they’ve made a mess in their room, you get frustrated.

‘It’s certainly helped me having Christine and the bond that has grown between her and the girls.’

With his daughters now nearing their teenage years, Frank says he doesn’t want to spoil them, so they can go out and earn their own money when the time comes, and appreciate it more.

He said: ‘Emotionally, I give them loads and as much time as I can; and at Christmas and birthdays, I do my best – but I don’t want to get carried away, because I don’t want a brat of 13 or 14.

‘I want them to go out and earn their own money and enjoy it. They get £5 a week pocket money, but they have to make their beds, tidy their rooms and show good manners.’

He may soon be seeing a lot more of his girls as Frank is unsure how long he’ll be at Stamford Bridge, or in the game of football.

‘I don’t know if I’ll be at Chelsea next season… you know your shelf life, so I started to mentally prepare when I hit 30. I’ve been doing this for a long time, so there’s a part of me that’s looking forward to the future.’

Step-mum: Frank says Christine is great with his daughters

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