The harsh reality: Malcolm gone, but Glazers not out yet

The Glazer family lost a leader, a father and a husband on Wednesday 28 May 2014. American billionaire Malcolm Glazer passed away at the age of 85 after a series of health problem resulting from a stoke he had in 2006.

The date that was mostly circulating post Malcolm’s death was June 2005, the time the Glazer family took charge of Manchester United after gaining 98 percent share hold with 75 needed to tale control at Old Traford.

The announcement of Malcom Glazer’s death by National Football League franchise Tampa Bay Buccaneers received the rudimentary assertion of respect from Manchester United fans on social media but lacked full and uncompromised sympathy from the  Old Trafford faithful.

The Glazer family’s purchase of the Manchester club led by Malcom Glazer did not go down well with supporters due to the massive debt the club was plunged in.

The first course of action to show their disapproval of the purchase was performed by a section of Manchester United supporters. To enact their seriousness about their disapproval of Manchester United being placed in such a debt, this section of supporters formed a new non-league club FC United of Manchester.

This section of Manchester United supporters also pledged not to attend games at Old Trafford while the club remained under the ownership of the Glazer family.

The protest to eliminate the Glazers as owners of Manchester United grew stronger as the years went by leading to the resurgence of the green and gold colours. The strong protest with these colours were depicted around Old Trafford and United’s training grounds complimented by anti-Glazer banners.

The protest progressively led to the attempts by supported to plan and finance a  takeover of the club from the Glazers. The group of Manchester United fan financers called the Red Knights were however unable to coerce the Glazers into letting go the club.

With city neighbours Manchester City spending an appreciable amount of the Sheikh’s money to make sure their not just the ‘noisy neighbours’, Manchester United fans were unrelentingly distressed when the Glazer family refused an enormous 1.5 billion takeover money from Middle East.

The refusal in the takeover attempts worth almost twice the money the Glazers paid for the club was  seen as a deliberate attempt to keep Manchester United in its debt.

The relationship between the Glazer family and a large portion of the Old Trafford faithful has in no way be as smooth as a laminar flow. But is this turbulence coming to an end soon upon Malcolm’s death.

The most highly possible answer to that question is no as Manchester United will be in a very broader perspective not affected by this inconvenience.

And Manchester United rightly responded to the death with a carefully worded statement:

‘The thoughts of everyone at United are with the family tonight. Glazer’s death will not affect the running of United, with sons Joel and Avram Glazer having run the club as co-chairmen for the past nine years.’

Malcolm Glazer wasn’t that into Manchester United, or at least the running of the English Premier League club.

The American never visited Old Trafford after the takeover and with the shares of the Glazers at Manchester United shared between the children, regular duties will continue as it has for the past nine years.

Joel Glazer and Avram Glazer will continue their roles as co-chairmen, heading the Glazers role at Old Trafford until siblings Bryan Glazer, Kevin Glazer, Edward Glazer and Darcie Glazer-Kassewitz who have equal shares at the club decide to think otherwise.

The Glazers are bereaved but in no way will be affected by their management of their Manchester business as Malcolm never took a role at Old Trafford.

RIP Malcolm Glazer.

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