PPP Jumps Into Subah

Frederick Anyan addressing the press conference
The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has asked government to reconstitute a new committee to investigate the Subah Infosolutions and Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) deal.

According to the party, the ministerial committee set up to review and renegotiate the Subah/GRA contract did not do a good job.

Frederick Anyan, a leading member of the PPP Research Team at a press conference in Accra said the ministerial committee’s report was not accurate and therefore could not be relied upon.

Then Revenue Agency Governing Board, now GRA, contracted Subah Infosolutions in 2010 to ascertain the number of calls and duration as well as the application of tariffs related to domestic calls.

This was to enable GRA to charge the correct taxes on the call traffic volumes payable by mobile network operators to GRA.

However, reports came out that GRA paid an amount of GH¢75 million to Subah Infosolutions for no apparent work done.

Therefore, a ministerial committee was set up by government to investigate the matter in which they came out with a report among other things saying Subah deserved the GH¢74.3 million paid for work done between 2010 and 2013.

According to Mr Anyan, the instruction in the report that Subah deserved the GH¢74.3 million was wrong because they failed to do any work.

He said Subah never made contact with any member of the mobile network operators and never attached monitoring equipment to the physical network nodes of the mobile network operators, adding that Subah never obtained CDRs of domestic call traffic volumes from the mobile network operators relating to the terms of the contract.

‘We believe the report has come to wash down the rot in this contract between and Subah and to exonerate the latter,’ he said.

Mr Anyan said in view of that, a new committee must be set up to investigate the deal, stating, ‘This is not impossible. We saw it in the GYEEDA investigations when more than three committees were set to investigate and review one committee’s report after the other.’

He said the PPP believes that the Subah/GRA contract did not pass the value for money test and was therefore a loss to the good people of Ghana.

‘We feel perturbed that the present NDC-led government has lost focus of the mandate given it by the people. Consequently, this has resulted in an unprecedented ineffective leadership which will forever keep the NDC-led government struggling to find its feet on the mandate given it as a governing party.’

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By Cephas Larbi

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