Mercedes attempting to manage Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

The two have dominated the early stages of the Formula One world championship this season, winning all six races between them so far.

Hamilton has won four of those, but is four points behind his team-mate at the top of the standings due to Rosberg’s greater consistency.

The Brit was less than happy at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend, when Rosberg spun off in qualifying, denying Hamilton a chance at a flying lap and an opportunity to claim pole.

From first on the grid, Rosberg held on to win the race and climb back above Hamilton in the standings, and Wolff underlined the importance of being able to manage both men throughout the remainder of the season as they look set to battle it out for the championship.

“Lewis is a very sensitive person and a very competitive person,” he said.

“I think one of our duties is to understand what the drivers need, protect the drivers and make them function at their best.

“If they function at their best, that’s the best for the team. Both of them are very different and need a completely different environment, and I think we have a pretty good understanding of what Lewis needs and how we can put him back in shape.”

“Let’s not finger point. I think they are both very competitive and will try to gain every advantage. It’s up to us to manage it.”

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