Akufo-Addo Must Step Aside For Others To Run—Students For Alan

The Coalition of Students for Alan Kyerematen (COSAK) is forced to respond to a statement issued by the greater Accra NPP youth wing and published on graphic.com as ‘Let Akufo-Addo go unopposed’. We are quick to state that, the statement is a divisive, needless,undemocratic and ought not to be made by the greater Accra NPP youth wing.

There is no article or clause in NPP’s Constitution which states any candidate who has being successively defeated twice as our party’s flag bearer must go unopposed for the third time. It is very contemptuous and we will say the group have demonstrated a gross disrespect to NANA ADDO who has said contrary to this statement. Or is it the case that the competition is gradually getting tougher for NANA ADDO?.

According to the group, an open competition might lead to resignations by some members of the party, as happened in 2007, and that could endanger the unity of the party ahead of the 2016 elections. ‘Asking for acclamation will not be the first time that the party is going through this. It has happened before in 2004 when Mr J. A. Kufuor was the sitting Presidentat that period common sense prevailed’.

Per their analogy if an open competition can lead to resignations by some members, it clearly shows that NANA ADDO is not a unifier and is also not ready give NPP power. Because will intimidate supporters of other contestantsand discriminate from people he can work with and those he doesn’t want to which started in 2007 and 2010. We much excited his office has distanced himself such statements which conflicts his earlier pronouncement.

Again COSAK is of the view that, the group’s claim that acclamation isn’t new to NPP because it started with president Kufour’s in 2004 is dead on arrival. For whatever reason is it, president Kufour at least won power for NPP in 2000 after he lost to President Rawlings in1996.Where is the power NANA ADDO won for us in his two bids to warrant him an acclamation in this context?. They should come and tell us.

The Greater Accra NPP youth wing,should rather come out boldly and tell NANA ADDO to withdrawfrom the contest.He has led our party twice and been defeated twice which means he has paid his dues butthe Akans also says ‘ )b3rema b3 y33 bi.na wam3 y3 no nyinaa.’ and ‘Dodo) akonwa.)baakofo) Ntenaso nky3”, he shouldget some rest and supportMr Alan Kyerematen who will be elected. The greater Accra NPP youth wing should also come and withdraw their comments so far it has been rejected by NANA ADDO.

COSAK believes that the time for political or electoral expirement is over. Ghanaians are calling on NPP to bring ALAN CASH to redeem Ghana from this worse, corrupt and incompetent NDC government led by president Mahama’s. NPP cannot own any explanation to Ghanaians than to present Mr ALAN KYEREMATEN as our flag bearer for election 2016 in exchange for power.

God Bless Us ALL!!!

FRED K. KUMI- Uds—-Wa Campus

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