5 Trusted Ways To Treat Painful s*x

images (29)Pain during s*x can make s*xual intercourse a nightmare for many women.

Treatment of painful s*x in women varies and depends on the cause. Some options include:

1. Vaginal lubricants: These are helpful in cases where the painful s*x is due to vaginal dryness and lack of lubrication. They lubricate the v**ina and make s*x more enjoyable. They are available in different delivery forms such as creams, gels, or suppositories. There are both water-based and oil-based products formulations of lubricants. The water based products are preferred because oil based lubricants interact with latex condoms and cause them to break.

2. Topical estrogen: Estrogen formulations either applied as a cream or vaginal insert, are very useful in menopausal women. These products can help ameliorate painful intercourse from vaginal dryness or sensitivity making s*x more comfortable for these women.

Painful s*x after pregnancy can be managed by waiting at least six weeks after childbirth before attempting intercourse. Make sure to practice gentleness and patience.

3. Medications: For painful s*x that is a result of an infection or medical condition, treating the underlying cause may resolve your problem.
4. Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy can help a woman identify problems in her life that may be responsible for the painful s*xual intercourse. Some of these include past s*xual or other abuse, or traumatic s*xual encounters, attitude towards s*x, relationship problems etc.

The goal of psychotherapy is to identify and get rid of these problems.

5. s*x therapy: The s*x therapist identifies problems that may be contributing to the condition, and thereafter, recommends specific exercises to re-focus the individual’s attention and expectations.

Source: nobledoctors.com