Meet the World’s strongest boys. Young brothers pump iron for two hours a day

Giuliano Stroe and his younger brother Claudiu hit the headlines as they trained  to be the world’s strongest boys.

At only nine and seven years old, they have the sculpted frames of much older men – and it’s all thanks to two-hour workouts they go through on a daily basis.

The mini muscle ‘men’ have been performing acrobatic feats and lifting weights since they were toddlers.

The two can perform stunts that would have grown men in tears. Giuliano, nine, has broken two world records for 90-degree vertical press-ups, and  another holding on to a pole like a human flag. 

Claudiu, 7, followed suit and he is already performing handstand push-ups on a bar and learning the same terrifying flag trick.

Last week, Giuliano posted on his Facebook page that his dad was planning a move to the UK so he could work – but he didn’t want him to go. 

‘Who will take care of us? Alone here is sad and dangerous. Help him to get a job near to us. Thank you,’ he said.

The pair are put through the rigorous regime by their father Iulian, who had high hopes of his boys achieving international stardom and netting his family, known as The Hercules, fame and fortune.

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