Lewis Hamilton should ‘man up’, says Derek Warwick

The English driver finished second to Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg on Sunday after a controversial incident in qualifying saw the German start from pole, and the pair did not appear to be on speaking terms following the chequered flag.

Rosberg had run off the circuit late in Saturday’s session, denying Hamilton the chance to make one last bid for the front of the grid as the yellow flags were waved.

But Warwick – president of the British Racing Drivers’ Club – believes that the 2008 champion needs to move on from the incident.

“I understand that Lewis was upset,” he is quoted as saying by The Daily Mail . “Possibly he would have gone faster than Nico on that lap. Arguably the incident cost him the grand prix.

“I don”t want to give him advice really – he has won umpteen races and a world championship – but if I were to say anything, it would be to man up and concentrate on the next race in Canada.”

Explaining how the decision was reached, Warwick added: “We had all Mercedes’ data, including Lewis’s data to overlay on Nico’s. We had the FIA data. We had onboard shots, overhead shots, circuit shots. We had throttle traces, braking traces, everything we needed to make, hopefully, the right decision.

“It was not black and white. It took a long time. We wanted to be sure and thorough.

“The driver is a massive component in what we end up deciding. So Nico was in the stewards’ room for a long time with the team manager (Ron Meadows). I wouldn’t say I interrogated him; I interviewed him. I made sure I asked him all the right questions.

“I have been around a long time and seen people try to pull the wool over my eyes. Did I have doubts in my mind? Of course I did. But he gave me the answers I needed.

“I know there are conspiracy theories but you will not find a more honest driver in grand prix racing than Nico. He said himself that he made a mistake, came in too fast, braked too late and locked up his rear tyres.”

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