Ga Dzasetse Rubbishes Police Report

The Ga Dzasetse Nii Tetteh Kwei II has disputed a claim by the Police that but for their intervention there would have been a bloody clash between two factions when he and others travelled to the Ga Mantse’s Palace for a purification exercise recently.

Speaking through Nii Amui De Graft Kwei, Principal Elder of the Ga Royal Stool Dzase, he said that they were at the Ga Mantse Palace to perform some rituals after the place had been desecrated by some hoodlums.

These miscreants, he said, had taken possession of the palace and committed negative acts such as smoking ‘Wee’ and illicit sexual activities.

The traditional cleansing exercise, he went on, was also because the Ga Traditional Council was due to meet at the place for critical deliberations pertaining to the Ga State.

The purification exercise was headed by the Otublohum Mantse and Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council.

It was after the Ga royal paramount stool, led by Ga Dzasetse, including Nii Agyemankesse II had withdrawn from the place that a group of people sought to create confusion and which led eventually to the shooting and injuring of somebody.

‘In view of the planned sitting of the Ga Traditional Council at the place, it became necessary to cleanse the place of the filth emanating from the miscreants who took over the place. The Police report, as carried by the Daily Guide, was not the truth,’ he said.

He said the impression that they were there when something untoward happened was unfortunate.

According to him, the chiefs and elders left the palace after the ritual, adding that Asafoatse Nettey Kwashie I remained behind to take care of a cow bought for the ritual.

The Ag President of the Traditional Council and three other members were aware of the programme, he said.

All those who were arrested because of the incident, after the purification ritual, were released by the Police upon the intervention of somebody with links to the corridors of power.

The Asafoatse said when he remained behind to take care of the sacrificial cow, he head a gunshot and saw the victim of the shooting who he eventually transported to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

‘I was threatened with a jail sentence by the man, who ordered the Police to release the arrested suspects,’ he said, adding that ‘one of the suspects was released after 2am.’

It would be recalled that a Daily Guide report, as narrated by the Kaneshie Police, indicated that but for their intervention there would have been a bloody clash between two chieftaincy factions at the Ga Mantse Palace at Kaneshie.


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