Christian Chiefs Should Eschew Unchristian Practices—Sefwi-Kofikrom Chief

The Chief of Safwi-Kofokrom. Nana Nokwarebour II, has called on Chiefs who are Christians to put aside customs and traditions that contradict those of the Christian faith, beliefs and principles.

Nana Nokwarebour contends that it would have been better for the country’s development and peace, if all Chiefs in Ghana were Christians. That most of the successful chiefs mentioned in the Holy Bible were God-fearing and people who wholly dedicate themselves and the programs and activities of their Kingdoms to God. He cited Kings like David and Solomon who kept their reign under the directives and guidance of God, through the Prophets.

However, the Chief of Sefwi-Kofikrom who is also the President of the Ghana-Czech Republic Economic Association and a Business Consultant is optimistic that if Christians become chiefs and do not eschew the traditions and customs that are not accepted in Christianity, they cannot be better Christians and for that matter true God-fearing chiefs.

He explained that traditions such as marrying more than one wife, some of whom are given as stool wives as a result of custom and tradition requirement, pouring of libation to the gods, and consulting the oracle for solutions to problems in their communities, are sinful in the sight of God. According to him, all these and several other likewise observations should not be encouraged by Christian chiefs as they are incongruous with Christian teachings which forbids idolatry and the worshiping of two masters.

Nana Nokwarebour II issued the charge in Kumasi at a ceremony to inaugurate the newly created Breman-Nkontwoma District of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which is under the Central Ghana Conference, where he was the chairman of the occasion.

Meanwhile, the chief admitted that for a Christian Chief to be able to live a true Christian life, it calls for the support of the other chiefs with whom he rules. He commended the Chiefs in Sefwi-Kofikrom for their support in his strives to promote Christianity through Chieftaincy. That through the understanding and help of his sub-chiefs , he had been able to institute an evangelism crusade which is held every three months and had been able to do away with all customs and traditions that are considered sinful in Christianity.

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