Between Ice Prince And President Jonathan

Chocolate City rapper, Ice Prince Zamani is not happy. This is coming on the heels of the double explosions that hit Jos recently.

He’s hurt and wailing like a toddler. He may be down and pointing fingers, but he’s not alone. In the wake of the twin explosions that rocked his home town Jos, the Aboki singer couldn’t hold back his pains. No. Not anymore. Ice Prince wept. He took to twitter, and President Jonathan was at the receiving end.


Hear: “Goodluck Jonathan!!” He called, his sanity gone. “What the f**k is up?? We’ve been glued to the news since this shit started … Now there’s bomb in my city! Wtf is up??”

Blunt, but straight from the heart. No holds barred.

Ice Prince may have merely expressed his grief, albeit impolitely, but his thoughts are not lost. The Nigeria project is indeed becoming a nightmare. From our unending national woes, down to the Chibok girls, then add the sudden return of hostilities in
Jos, then you’ll understand where the singer is coming from.

President Jonathan no doubt, may mean well for Nigerians. His Transformation Agenda is there even in Braille for the blind to see and admire. But that’s all there is! When the chips are down, you struggle to find a single action in favour of the largely impoverished Nigerians. Just like Ice Prince, you’re wondering about his sense of purpose and sincerity. You’re wondering if he is truly in love with this Nigeria.

Take the World Bank startling revelation that 100 million Nigerians are languishing in extreme poverty and bleak future. This would have been enough to challenge any leader, but President Jonathan. He’s unruffled. He cannot lose his precious sleep over that. Just like he said about the Boko Haram insurgency, he’s not the cause! How about picking up the challenge? How about taking…say a salary-cut? Dreams.

How do you even reconcile President Jonathan’s Kano jamboree barely 24 hours after an Abuja blast that claimed over 74 lives? Did he visit oblivious of his largely underperforming team? Reuben Abati may think otherwise. But, it is understandable. He has a job to do after all.

Let the President take the initiative. Let him provide Nigerians with visionary leadership. Let those surrounding him take heed. Let them put a halt to the media campaign about some elusive achievements. Nigerians are no fools. Let them tell the President the true yarning and expectations of Nigerians. More than ever, let the President pickup the challenge. The onus is on him.

Ice Prince has merely vented his angst. What’s left is finding a way through. Will we ever find a way?

– by Ezeh Emmanuel