NDC Fingered In HFC Takeover

The renowned pathologist insists the hands of the government as well as the leadership of the party cannot be clean in the whole deal.

He wondered whether the supposed takeover of the bank he described as a ‘Ghanaian indigenous Bank’ does not defeat President Mahama’s recent comments aimed at promoting made-in-Ghana goods.

Double Standards
‘The President quite recently talked about made-in-Ghana goods; let us for a minute believe him to change things so that we have made-in-Ghana goodsBut let me tell you something, it has been in the news recently that HFC Bank, a Ghanaian indigenous bank, is being taken over by a bank from Trinidad and Tobago.

‘Sometimes we must ask the right questions. Who are behind that bank from Trinidad and Tobago that are pushing and you will realize it is your own Ghanaians; and they are doing that so that they have control,’ Prof. Akosa said.

According to the former Director of the Ghana Health Service, ‘People who are very senior members of the NDC are plotting to take over HFC and this is the beginning of the fight for HFC’.

Speaking at the 56 th  annual African Liberation Day celebration in Accra on Sunday on the theme, ‘For Africa’s Liberation, Political Independence Without Economic Independence Is Meaningless,’ Prof. Akosa stated that the CPP could not sit and watch the takeover of the bank.

‘We cannot sit down and (some) Ghanaians will go and collude with others to come and take over what is indigenously Ghanaian; and they do that with their friends and family,’ he said adding, ‘Who said that the leadership of the NDC are not aware of this? They are awarethis matter has just started and it will continue.’

Disrespectful Ghanaian Leaders
Beyond the call on all Ghanaians to fight the impending takeover of the HFC bank, he was empathic that leaders in the country do not respect Ghanaians.

‘Ghanaian leaders do not respect Ghanaianssince 1966 when Kwame Nkrumah’s government was overthrown; every leader who has come and taken over this country has worked for Europe and America and has not worked for the people of Ghana,’ he noted.

He explained that since 1966 everything had been left to rot and this country today virtually imports everything.

Prof. Akosa averred that everything the country needed was produced in Ghana but today, ‘Ghanaians don’t have jobs and no skills.’

The CPP guru intimated that Ghana is in a total economic mess, stressing that ‘We in the CPP at least made alternative plans for the economy of this country, we were going down the industrial way, and the only thing that could have happened was to continue along that road’.

Other party faithful who took turns to address the gathering –  Messrs. B.B. Senkyere, Deputy Chairman of the party and Sekou Nkrumah, Chairman of the Pan-African Improvement Organization (PANIO) – saw no reason why Ghana’s destiny should still be entrusted in the hands of the NPP and the NDC, ‘even though they have both proven to serve their parochial interest.’

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By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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