Blame JHS Ministers For Hardship

Mashud Mumuni

Mashud Mumuni

CHIEF MASHUD Mumuni, the Dagomba Community Chief in Ashaiman, has lashed out at the Mahama Administration, asking Ghanaians to blame the economic hardship in the country on Ministers of State he described as ‘Junior High School (JHS)’ ministers.

‘I don’t understand why the President would appoint some JHS boys and girls and first-year university students who could not pass their examinations to take decisions for me and Ghanaians,’ he fumed.

The chief said ministers in the Mahama Administration were inexperienced and only interested in grabbing properties to enrich themselves which ends up creating the economic hardship Ghanaians are going through currently.

Chief Mumuni, who doubles as the Kpanglana Chief of Nanta-Krugu in the Northern Region, said ‘if you have such inexperienced boys and girls in your administration, what do you expect, except grabbing of properties and visiting economic hardship on us the ordinary people.’

The Dagomba Community Chief poured out his frustrations, saying that instead of working hard to ensure the economy was stable to alleviate the suffering of the masses the ‘inexperienced Ministers in the Mahama government had rather resorted to owning mansions and fleets of vehicles.’

Speak Out
He charged: ‘I cannot shut up when everything in my country is going bad. Ghana is sick, and the traditional rulers must be brave to speak out too.’

Chief Mashud Mumuni, who was speaking to DAILY GUIDE about the current state of the economy, mentioned that ‘in fact, except the JHS and first-year university students who have been made ministers who are enjoying, the majority of us Ghanaians are suffering and the signs are clear everywhere. There is no money in the country because the government of President Mahama is simply not working to put money in our pockets.’

According to him, the ministers were not creative enough to help the President deal with the hardship, stressing that the Government had now resorted to indiscriminately increasing taxes in order to raise revenue to pay public sector workers who continued to agitate.

‘When workers’ take-home pay cannot take them home, a group of persons sit at a roundtable and slap us with unreasonable increase in utility tariffs. The increase is madness and that, coupled with the introduction of other crazy taxes, are going to send the poor Ghanaians to their graves,’ he lashed out.

He further argued that as the economic hardship worsened, the suffering masses would have no option but to be violent and aggressive to live ‘because, my brother, the complaint of economic hardship is scorching us like the sun is doing to us. Ghana is economically hot.’

In that regard, the traditional ruler urged President Mahama to crack the whip on his incompetent and inexperienced JHS and first-year university ministers.

From Vincent Kubi, Ashaiman

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