President of Private Universities’ Student Association of Ghana (PUSAG), Benjamin Panlogo-Logodam has established that both current and future Boko Haram operations can be avoided if African leaders focus on youth empowerment and development in job creation which results in financial freedom. Hence he called on African leaders to make it a core priority to resource their youth folks in order to discourage them from joining bad companies which may tempt them away in exchange for financial resources. He said this at a press briefing after leading a street walk to petition the Nigerian Embassy in Ghana.

Mr. Panlogo-Logodam noted that the activities of the Boko Haram operatives was no more a Nigerian problem but a global one which needs to be approached with care and tact to save the future the world. On behalf of PUSAG, he empathised with parents and relatives of the abducted girls to take heart in this trying moment.

He called on all tertiary institutions and the youth of Nigeria to join hands in the crusade to help authorities locate the hideout of the abducted girls to re-unite with their families with showing religious or political colours.

He also used the occasion to call on all African governments and opposition leaders to desist from using the youth as tools to propagate their destructive and divisive political agenda but rather equip them positively as future leaders. He echoed that “a continent without a resourceful and responsible youth has no future”.

The walk was participated by leading members of PUSAG and National Association of Nigerian Student Ghana and a section of the media. The petition was to appeal to the Nigerian government to unleash every effort possible to reclaim the abducted school girls from the BOKO HARAM operatives. Members of the various groups held in their hands a hash tag that said “#BringBackOurGirlsNow#”, a replica to ”#BringBackOurGirls# which is currently trending on various social media platforms as sign of protestation to reclaim the missing girls.

However, receiving the petition on behalf of Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, Ambassador Ademola Oluseyi Onafowokan, Minister at the Nigerian Embassy, Abraham Poko retreated efforts by the Federal Republic of Nigeria to rescue the missing school girls who were abducted by Islamists militants Boko Haram. He assured that the petition by the tertiary groups will be forwarded to the President of Nigeria to indicate their concern and support to its quest.

PUSAG’s undertaking is coming on the backdrop of the kidnapping of approximately two hundred and seventy female student between 14th to 15th of April 2014 from a government secondary school in the town of Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria. The kidnappings were later claimed by Boko Haram, an Islamic, Jihadist and Takfiri terrorist organisation based in northeastern Nigeria.

The insurgent group, Boko Haram is opposed to the Westernisation of Nigeria which they believe (ironically) is the cause of criminal behaviour in the country. Already thousands of people have been killed in attacks perpetrated by the group forcing the Nigerian federal government to declare a state of emergency in Borno State a measure to retard plots of the insurgence.

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