Mama’s baby: The Secret life of Cristiano Ronaldo

A  few weeks ago, there was Cristiano Ronaldo while naked on the cover of “Vogue” with his super model girlfriend Irina Shayk. But most of the time football star is alone. Behind closed doors he leads a strange life, as a source told Daily Mail.

Ronaldo leads a reclusive life and is usually alone.

After training  he  prefers to go back immediately to his posh fortress like residence in Madrid. The Seven room behemoth is valued at about $4 million and is surrounded by security guards. The demand for each visitor or suppliers is twofold;either identification or a  personal invitation.

Inside the house is something else. From top to bottom, the walls are mirrored with the logo “CR7” embossed everywhere. On the mirrored walls, in the windows, on the sofa, on the table, even the porcelain is marked with the logo. And of course his bed: There glistens “CR7” on the headboard of the bed in svarowski stones. Right next to the larger than life image of himself, which Ronaldo has hanging in the bedroom.

His favorite hobby is Online Poker.
His constant social contact is his mother Dolores who looks after his son from a one night stand with a waitress. Stories abound that the mother was paid off to disappear. His mother controls his life including his love life.

 Spanish model Nereida Gallardo spent six months as his girlfriend and she revealed afterwards.

“He’s a mama’s boy. He left me via SMS, because I was his mother not good enough. “

His current Irina Shayk? This should not be a problem for Ronaldo’s mother – the voluptuous model is rarely in Madrid and resides in New York.

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