German Cries For Justice

Roland Heinrich Kropat
ROLAND Heinrich Kropat, a German national, whose household items and cell phones were stolen by his former driver at his Worakese residence near Kuntanasi in the Bosomtwi District of the Ashanti Region, is crying for justice.

The foreign investor is demanding action against the suspect identified as Peter King Amekor who remains a free man at Obuo, a farming community near Kuntanasi.

Mr. Kropat told DAILY GUIDE the theft of his belongings happened on March 18, 2014, and he reported the incident to the police at Kuntanasi, but his demand for justice has been ignored.

He said the situation compelled him to make a complaint to the Regional Police Command; but to no avail.

He stated that though the police command took an action against the police detective, his case has been left unattended because of his refusal to give money to the one in charge of the case.

He wants the police administration to intervene for justice to be served on Peter, asserting that Peter and his girlfriend, Obaa Yaa, were walking free.

From Ernest Kofi Adu, Kumasi

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