Carlos Sakyi Welcomes GHAMRO Court Action

Carlos Sakyi

Carlos Sakyi

The Chairman of Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHAMRO), Carlos Sakyi, has expressed excitement over the court action initiated against GHAMRO, himself, Amandzeba Nat Brew, K.K Kabobo and Mark Okraku Mantey by Nana Kwame Ampadu and 100 others.

He stated that this would give him the opportunity to rubbish the lies, distortions and deliberate twisting of facts that have been in the media right from the beginning of GHAMRO under his administration.

‘I am happy that at least the issue will be resolved by the court instead of lies and distortions being disseminated in a section of the media. There are some people who want to run our administration down but they will be shamed very soon in court. This is the opportunity to unmask them and their evil agenda against GHAMRO,’ he stated.

He however disclosed that his administration had achieved so much and that those attacking him and other board members of GHAMRO ‘are those who are against the development of the music industry.

‘GHAMRO’s success has however shocked them, and they are scared of the massive support of the thousands of GHAMRO members who are satisfied with the ongoing transformation my administration has brought into the lives of the overwhelming majority of the stakeholders livelihoods,’ he added.

Mr Sakyi is also saddened by the fact that so many musicians are being misled through the use of lies and distortions which, he added would be exposed in court, stressing, ‘I believe God is on our side and He will vindicate us.’

He quoted some lyrics from one of Bob Marley’s songs, ‘And if night should turn to day, a lot of people will run away. Clearly, night is turning to day for Ghana’s music industry, and who the cap fit, let them wear it,’ he concluded.

It would be recalled that Nana Kwame Ampadu led a group of 100 musicians to file a suit in court accusing GHAMRO executives of deliberately refusing to organise their annual general meeting since 2011 when the mantle was handed over to them.

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