Reasons For The High Rate For Divorce And Solutions

images (32)THE YEAR 2012

“I want to get married”, she said.

“I just want to get married”, he said

“I wanna hook up”, she said

“I just wanna settle down”, he said.

Good plan, but why?

“When I get married, I’ll finally find love “, she said

“I’ve suffered abuse, neglect and rejection”;

“I’ve been used and dumped over and over again”

“I need a man who will love me”

“I need to feel whole again”.

“I need love”

“I’m old enough to settle down”, he said

“After years of pursuing ladies, I think I’m due to settle down”

“After all, all my friends have settled down”

“Besides, I need to raise me some children”

“Time is no longer on my side”.

So, they got married. On a lovely Saturday morning, surrounded by friends and family, they were pronounced man and wife.


“How is your hubby?”, she was asked

“Hmm. We’re no longer together o!”

“How is your wife?” one of his old-time friends asked

“We’re divorced”





“Don’t mind that drunk”, she said.

“Always abusing me and spending money carelessly”

“Do you know he was even cheating on me”

“Why couldn’t he just stop even after we got married?”

“He had useless friends who were a bad influence on him”

“Wow! All men are the same”

“They first come in sheep’s clothing to deceive unsuspecting ladies”

“I made a mistake by agreeing to marry him”

“Don’t mind that gold-digger”, he said

“She didn’t want me to do any other thing just because I got married to her”

“She was just depending on me for her happiness-a parasite”

“Always wanting me to baby-sit her”

“Always demanding for money’

“She can’t even cook well, can you imagine?”

“She chased away my good friends and even business associates”

“Tell me, why won’t I go back to my drinking habits?”

“Yes, I agree, I cheated on her a couple of times”

“One, I couldn’t help it; two, she was always nagging”

“So I found love and comfort elsewhere”

“Now I know that getting married to her was a mistake”

“This marriage thing , na wa o!”


Many people rush into relationships or marriage, hanging their happiness, success, fulfillment entirely on their partner’s neck. They fail to work on themselves, develop right attitudes, rid themselves of bad habits. They fail to take responsibility for the success of their relationships.


Are you in a relationship? About to get into one?

Are you about to walk down to the aisle with your beloved? Have you already done that?

That marriage will not succeed if you don’t cultivate the right attitudes.

Don’t make THE MISTAKE of thinking everything will just work out like in the fairy movies.

You have to work at it.


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