Kofi Ghana Charges Students To Rise Up Against Gov’t

Maxwell Kofi Jumah, former Mayor of Kumasi and Member of Parliament for Asokwa, says any proposal by government to remove aid to Public Universities may jeopardize the future of students in the country.

According to him,the removal of any form of governmental subvention to Universities will not augur well for the nation, henceadmonished the current administration to reconsider any such decision.

The Government of Ghana is reported to have cancelled teacher trainee allowances to public teachers in the nation.

The teacher trainee allowance was a means of sustenance to teachers, particularly those posted to rural areas to render their services in the educational sector.

The allowances also motivated the teachers to offer their best but the cancellation of it is thought of by the general public and a section of the political divide as an inhumane act.

To further compound the challenges the educational sector is facing, there are rumours that the government may also cut back its subvention to Public Universities.

Speaking on Oman FM‘s National Agendaprogramme, Hon. Kofi Jumah called on all students in the nation to rally against government’s planned intention.

“…the students should not allow it. They should not give government that comfort. Either Public Universities will no longer be public Universities and let’s sell it off including the shares, and then make them private Universities. But if they are public Universities, then it is an obligation to all of us to make sure they charge economical fees,” he stated.