We have no plans of pulling out of Ghana – FLY 540

Domestic Carrier, FLY 540 has emphasized it has no plans of closing down in Ghana.

This is contrary to suggestions the airline could pull out of the country judging from the recent closure of the operations by others because of unfavorable economic conditions.

FLY 540 has announced a temporary suspension of its operations to restructure its loss-making business. But Speaking to Joy-Business, Director, Kwaku Kwafo-Apeadu maintains, they are halting only flight operations to improve their services and also expand to six other West African countries.                                                                                                               

‘We’re just ceasing flight operations temporarily. That means that we’re still in the process of acquiring aircrafts that will suit the model that we had originally started with. We want to augment our first aircraft with a second one and also look at going into the sub region with a third one. We’re not in this business to walk away after five years of hard work and investments. Our staff, that’s the pilot, engineers and the cabin crew are all Ghanaians and we want to maintain them,’ he explained.

According to him, this is expected to be facilitated by the change in the company’s ownership structure into one which the Ghanaian shareholders would take over the majority stake.                                                                                

‘The Ghanaian shareholders are in the minority whilst FASTJET is in the majority. And as I said, in order for us to promote aviation in West Africa, we need to be more participatory as locals than we have been. And This also means that we at the local level have also need not only participatory but ownership roles so that we can also decide the direction of the business in our own rights’ he noted.

FLY-540 begun operations in Ghana in November 2011.  

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