NPP Will Be Punished In 2016…..They Are Nation Wreckers

A member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communication machinery, Gabby Assumeng has chided the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), saying the party is a nation wrecker that seeks after its own selfish interest.

Gabby Assumeng passed these comments after some members of the main opposition NPP denigrated the National Economic Forum saying nothing good will come out of the consensus despite the contributions made by some renowned economists and well-wishers in the country.

The opposition party subsequently boycotted the forum.

President John Dramani Mahama, last Thursday, rallied the nation to act to get the national economy back on track, saying the time for talking is over.

He was closing the National Economic Forum at Akosombo, which rose with a 22-point Communiqué from three days of deliberating methods and approaches of managing the national economy.

He vowed no delays or distractions would stop the government from taking the necessary steps in implementing the recommendations of the forum.

Speaking to the issue of the NPP’s boycott of NEF, Gabby Assumeng quizzed on Okay Fm’s Ghana Decides program, “assuming Ghanaians are suffering and only NPP can provide solutions to their problems, why must they turn their back on Ghanaians when a platform was created to help the country?….NPP is a nation wrecker….they feel they are better than any political party in the country. What is their beef if nothing good will come out of the forum? You chose to sit in your homes and eat but here they are criticizing the forum well organized by experts and experienced personalities….because of what the NPP has done, they will be punished for it in 2016 elections,” he opined.