Adam Silver: Kevin Durant MVP, this is the NBA. Not Donald Sterling!

The NBA has made headlines lately with the Donald Sterling case, the name of the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers convicted racist and banned for life . This case has somewhat overshadowed the game on the floor.

During the draft lottery, Silver Adams held a press conference during which the subject retook center stage. The commissioner of the North American basketball championship has thus been obliged to recall what the NBA was really about ‘Kevin Durant MPV, this is the NBA. Not Donald Sterling. The level of play is fantastic and the best years are ahead of us,’ he assured.

On this matter, the League has made a record of 30 pages in which it is particularly stated that Donald Sterling has infringed the NBA and its teams by disparaging African-Americans and that his actions and himslef ‘significantly sabotaged the NBA ‘s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion’.

Owners of different franchises should be called to decide on his exclusion in the first half of June in order to give free allowance to the game.

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