s*x: Tasting The Honey Before Getting To The Moon

In a world where test-driving cars before buying is a culture,abstinence from s*x seems to be an unfashionable, outworn and an archaic idea.


The present young generation of ours is following the lifestyles of their western counterparts,hence,the competitive behaviour among youth to prove themselves as more modern,impressive and so-called high cultured people.

With a chunk of people becoming celebrities, financially buoyant and famous through s*x tapes, the sublime hype the media gives the act and the supposed fufilment that comes with having premarital s*x, makes one to wonder whether chastity is truely a virtue.

Although the Nigerian culture and religion frowns at this global trend,the medical world have a different opinion about it. Medics believe that early s*x life helps with a wonderful sense of well-being and lots more.

A group of Nigerian youth were asked if premarital s*x was wrong or right and if they would like to be in a relationship where s*x is a “strict NO”. Over 76% of the group opined that eating the honey before getting to the moon is wrong while 24% believes that premarital s*x is a great way of getting to know your partner’s s*xual strenghts and weaknesses. And surprisingly, only 5% of the group thinks a relationship without s*x will work while 95% were of the opinion that at the end of the day, a relationship without s*x would not work!

I got mixed feelings from the result from this survey;…Does it mean the 76% with the opinion that s*x before marriage just know it for knowing sake? From the 95% opinion, it is obvious that even the 75%, that thinks premarital s*x is outrightly bad still engage in it.

The differences observed between sexually and abstinent youth were that the latter were more confident, had greater determination and most importantly,deployed refusal skills to delay first s*x till the right time.

With these above arguments, what should we truely uphold? What is your opinion about s*x before the lifetime commitment? Would you date a man/woman who is very strict about “a-no s*x-before-marriage” idea?