Remaining part of crashed helicopter found by team of experts

The remaining parts of the Ivorian registered helicopter which crashed into the sea off the coast of Takoradi in the Western Region early on this month has been located on the seabed.

A specialized team aboard a vessel, MV Seabed Worker which arrived in the country shortly after the incident and located the broken aircraft was hoping to recover it before the close of Wednesday, May 21.

This helicopter, said to be operated by International Aviation Service (IAS) was on a 15-minute flight to an oilrig, Ryan Jack which anchored about 20 nautical miles off the coast of the region when the crash occurred.

The crash resulted in the death of four, one critically injured and three treated for minor injuries and discharged.

Wrecked parts
Several wreck parts of the helicopter, including the tail-boom were earlier recovered, except the main structure.

According to sources close to the search team, after several unsuccessful attempts to locate the remaining structure of the aircraft, which occasioned the hiring of the specialized vessel and experts, that job has finally come to close.

The sources said the remainder of the aircraft was almost buried by the sand and the team was currently strategizing to pull it up and hand it over to the Ghana Navy and the operators of the aircraft as well as the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority to help unravel what actually led to the crash.

Initial team
The initial team numbering 11 boats and two warships from Ghana Navy that were deployed on a search and rescue mission had been reassigned after the arrival of the Seabed Worker with assistance from only Ghana Navy ship. 

The incident 
It will be recalled that, on Thursday May 8, 2014 the country witnessed an air disaster involving the helicopter, which was carrying six passengers and two pilots from the Takoradi Airport to the oilrig, Jack Ryan that had arrived in the country to carry out an appraisal work on the wells of Lukoil Company.

According to local fishermen and a survivor, the helicopter caught fire in the air and nosedived into the ocean resulting in the fatalities.

Written by Moses Dotsey Aklorbortu & Andrews Tetteh, Sekondi

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