Let’s Not Behave Like Ostriches…The Earlier We Act, The Better For NPP

The National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu has called his party folks to maintain order within the NPP.

It appears there is deep division within the largest opposition party as it gears up to elect its Presidential candidate to contest the 2016 general elections.

Some Ghanaians believe the apparent Nana Addo-Alan Cash factions within the party front may gradually have caused a rift at the grass roots.

Speaking on Oman FM, John Boadu advised the leadership and members of the NPP to iron out their differences and ensure a unified body in the party. According to John Boadu, the NPP is faced with certain challenges which should not be overlooked by the leadership.

Contributing to a panel discussion on the Madina-based radio station, he stated; “don’t let us behave as ostriches, behaving as if nothing is happening. A lot of things are happening. The earlier we act as a party, the better for all of us.”