For Married Couples – 7 Things He Does Not Think When He Sees You unclad

article-2014513911324241562000Physical intimacy is supposed to be on a man’s mind 24×7, or so says most stuff that you read or hear. It might be true to some extent; while a woman worries about what her man thinks after making love, a man might just be too happy to think about anything, after a steamy session! Trust us ladies, all that you keep thinking about day in and day out- stretch marks, flabby arms, or similar stuff- do not exist in his mind when you both are about to get intimate; so, you can just relax. Here are the seven things that go on in your head, but that are not even remotely close to his mind when he sees you in the bare

1. It’s my lucky day

The thought may be on his mind 24×7, but when you undress, he is busy enjoying the moment, rather than thinking about pouncing on you.

#2. “You look fat!”

Not really! This thought might be on your mind all day, but definitely not on his, when he sees you sans clothes. He is just plain happy, believe it!

#3. “I have a deadline to meet tomorrow!”

He is not ruining the moment by thinking about his boss, office or deadlines! In fact, you won’t leave him capable to bother about any stress or worries once you undress #4. “You have stretch Mark” No ladies, he does not care. This is a “dream moment” for him, even if it isn’t the first time. So things like weight, stretch marks, no makeup, etc. don’t really matter once you are in your birthday suit (wink!).

#5. “Wow! Chelsea  won the match last night!”

Men love sports, and there is no denying that. But no man is going to think about how well someone  played last night, when his woman is undressing for him! He is busy focussing on “the game” that awaits him (if you know what we mean!).

#6. “I wish the lights were turned off”

Even if it is not the first time, many women might feel awkward or embarrassed about not being well-groomed or having put on weight, especially after pregnancy. So, they prefer to turn the lights off while undressing. But girls, you can relax! Your man isn’t the least bit interested in all of that. He would rather leave the lights on and savour every moment.

#7. “I wish you were Kim!”

Alright, so he is a huge Kim K fan; to the point that you actually envy her! But trust us girls, she is not on his mind when he sees you unclad. And no, he is not comparing you with any of his favourite celebrities or movie characters! Let’s just accept the fact- your man is goofy and often a ‘one track mind’ when he sees you undress. So, why not just leave him at that and let him enjoy it?