Alan’s Commitment And Loyalty To The NPP Is Solid—Ohene Ntow

The former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Ohene Ntow, has described as unfortunate statements by some members of the party that Alan Kyeremanten was not committed and loyal to the party when he lost the flagbearership slot to Nana Akufo Addo on two occasions.

According to him, Alan Kyeremanten’s commitment and loyalty to the party over the years has been solid and such statements are cheap propaganda coming from people who do not like Alan.

‘It surprises me when people talk about Kyeremanten’s commitment to the NPP. Alan’s commitment and loyalty is solid and is not in doubt and everybody is aware of it. In 1992 he (Alan) was the president of the young executive of the party that raise fund for the party. Most of the young ministers under president kufour were mentored by him’ he said.

‘A lot of things happened in 2008 which I don’t want to put into the public domain and even in 2012 when people physically tried to stop Alan from joining the campaign he still went ahead to campaign for NanaAddo’ he added.

Ohene Ntow made this known on Asempa FM’s Ekosiisen current affairs program on Tuesday when he sought to add his voice in support of Alan Kyeremanten calling on NPP party delegates to vote him to represent the party in the next elections.

Mr. Alan Kyeremanten, speaking to NPP loyalists and potential delegates in New York last weekend, said although Nana Addo had represented the party well in the last two elections, he did not appeal to floating voters.

An unusually blunt Kyeremanten stressed that the need for the NPP to field a candidate who will, according to him, appeal to the ‘300,000 and 500,000 people who always decide the final vote’.

Mr. Kyeremanten said: ‘I want to be very upfront I think that we have our own senior brother, Nana AkufoAddo. He’s represented the party very well on two previous occasions. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it’s not been possible for us to get into power. I think that we must explore other opportunities and that is why I will be putting myself up as a candidate when the nominations open and I am here to seek your support’.

The former NPP general secretary spoke in favour of his candidate who was also the former minister of Trade and Industry for the need to elect someone who appealed to the floating voters and also the call for a change.

‘If Alan says he has the support from the grassroots it is because he has worked with them and he understands them too’ he said.

‘As a former general secretary I agree with Alan on the need to strengthen the grassroots because if we strengthen the grassroots and give them the needed support and logistics victory will be ours’.

According to him, the call for a change in the flagbearership is important because in Ghana voters do not vote for only the party but also personality.

‘The call to reconsider the candidature of Nana Addo is a call in the right direction because he represented us twice and we lost, so it is important to explore other options too’.

Nana Ohene Ntow, however, disagreed with calls suggesting that Nana Addo should go to the primaries unopposed describing the call as a way to encroached on people’s democratic right.

‘I do not agree to suggestions that Nana Addo should go to the primaries unopposed because it is not in our party constitution or conventions. It has never happened before and it will not happen today or tomorrow,’ he said.

The former NPP general secretary also stated that anybody interested in the flagbearer slot should be allowed to contest.

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