Tema residents fear health crisis as sewage system deteriorates

Deteriorating underground sewage system of Tema Community 4 is causing enormous health problems to the residents of Residents at Tema Community 4.

A mixture of feaces ,urine and  dirty water has been spilling and running into  resident’s homes instead of gushing out into the sea as  portions of the pipes have cracked.

Major outbreak of diseases such as Cholera is feared if the problem is not solved.

Several residents complained to Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo when he visited the area.

One of the residents said, “even last week I took her to the hospital, my little girl. She was vomiting having high temperature we went  and they treated  her for  malaria. She can’t stand the smell. I think they said mild asthma.”

Another resident complained, “it is an eyesore the fecal matters are showing, the sewage central pumping unit are threatening to blast. You can hear roaring waters.”

Others complained, the sewage is causing cracks in the buildings.

“You have  seen the sewage is  razing buildings down ,buildings are cracked right down from the foundation level all caused by the sewage…..If urgent measures are not taken, houses would be razed down people within Tema Central will fall sick and die.”

The Tema MCE  Isaac Ashai Odamten noted, his outfit was aware of the stench, sewage spill and residents discomfort.

“We have actually assessed the situation of the sewage  problem in the whole metropolis, we have identified key flash points in Community 2 and 4 and parts of Community 1 and 8 while the other places do have some challenges but the flash points is where we have hinted.”

He explained  although Tema Community Four had s “weak sewage infrastructure” the attitude of residents has further worsened the problem.

He explained, “properties have been built on the sewer line” and this  is not allowing the maintenance work to be done.”

 Nonetheless, the Assembly, he said, had made some progress in improving the situation.

”We have changed some pipes , rods and now it is flowing better…it is has improved,” he stated.

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