‘Protect children from being exposed to sexual materials’

The President of the Living for El-Shaddai Ministries, Rev. Dr Dora Bortey, has stressed the need for parents to protect their children from being exposed to sexual materials.

According to her, some children are left on their own to watch films and listen to music whose content are sexually suggestive.

“It is our desire that parents will make their children a high priority and do their best to protect them from being unduly exposed to sexually explicit materials,” she said.

Rev. Dr Bortey was speaking at a conference on child abuse which was held to discuss the sexual abuse of children in Accra.

She said without good morals, children would grow to be scoundrels, devious in character, promiscuous and a menace to society.

She encouraged churches to have a more in-depth approach to the social and moral issues facing children and appealed to the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to ensure that music of its members would have a positive impact on society. Child abuse

A youth counsellor, Mr Amos Kevin-Annan, said child abuse consisted of any act that endangers or impairs a child’s physical or emotional health and development.

He said there was the need for adults to be responsible to set good examples and display some sense of belonging and security to prevent children from being abused.

Mr Kevin-Annan said most of the videos on the Internet were sexually related which “can deceive the male child in considering girls as sex objects and that can lead to the abuse of the girl child”. 

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