Klint Da Drunk Denies Insulting First Lady On Facebook

Nigerian celebrities have had to deal with the issue of impersonation on social media platforms and from the look of things, the war might not be conquered soonest.

One of such victims is popular comedian, Klint Da Drunk, who such criminal elements have almost frustrated because of the atrocities they have committed using his hard earned name.

Sometimes ago, someone, operating a parody account of the humour merchant, took to Facebook to insult Nigeria’s First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, on her use of English language.

However, Publicist of the comedian, Joy Akosa, has dissociated her client, Klint Da Drunk, from the act.

In a statement made available to Nigeriafilms.com by her, the comedian stated that there is no way he would insult his country’s First Lady.

The statement released by Joy Akosa on the matter is presented below;
“My attention has been drawn to activities of some elements on social media platforms, opening parody accounts in the name of Klint Da Drunk. His Facebook, Twitter accounts have been also used by these impersonators to defraud unsuspecting fans of the comedian.

“About four Facebook fan pages bearing his name have thousands of likes and some have even created humorous posts on the pages, making it look as if Klint Da Drunk posted them. On a particular Facebook fan page named Klint D’ Drunk, the impersonator posted some write-ups which were directly ridiculing the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.

“Whoever reads the posts or thinks it was the comedian who posted them should please zero such thoughts as the comedian is not operating that account and he dissociates himself from such.

“In a bid to stop this, we have provided the real social media accounts operated by Klint Da Drunk.