Finance Minister to present a mid-year review of the 2014 budget in July

The Finance Minister, Seth Terkper, has hinted he will present to Parliament a mid-year review of the 2014 budget by July.

The Senchi Post-implementation Committee on Monday recommend that  the Finance Ministry must, as matter of  urgency, review targets set out in the 2014 budget because of the current economic challenges.

The ministry maintains that the mid-year review is something they were already working on.

The ministry is certain it will be possible to carry out the review within the next two months.

“We do mid-year review and during this review, what we always do is to make sure we come out and tell the Republic whether we are meeting the target or [not]. If we are not meeting the target, we propose new policies”, said Deputy Finance Minister, Cassiel Ato Forson.

The Finance Ministry says it would be collaborating with other agencies to implement all the recommendations coming out of the National Economic Forum.  

The national economic dialogue ended last Thursday with  a 22-point  recommendation on how government can weather the country’s current economic storm.

Although some commentators have indicated government may not have the political will implement the proposals put forward by participants at forum, the Deputy Minister thinks otherwise.  

The Deputy Minister said government will not expend time and effort to organise a three-day national forum only to neglect proposals coming out from it.

He said the Finance Ministry is very committed to the Senchi Consensus.

“We have shown to Ghanaians that we are very committed. You could see clearly from the beginning [of the consensus] that we are doing a number of engagement and I believe that we will be able to implement [the Senchi Consensus].

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