Blessed with Dinning Hall; ‘cursed’ without toilet – Wa Senior High cries

In spite of being graced with facilities such as  a teacher’s bungalow, dining hall, girls dormitory block , master’s bungalows by the government through  the Ghana Education Fund, the Wa Senior High Technical  cannot boast of an adequate modern facility were they can attend nature’s pressing calls.

This pressing problem is causing major health problems as well as intimidating  schooling activities.

Pressure is said to be mounting on the existing eight- hole toilet facility as the entire school counts on it whenever nature calls.

Speaking to Joy News’ correspondent in Wa,the Headmaster of the institution Geaten Bayele  bemoaned the situation,  “considering the population and staff of the school it is woefully inadequate and as it is expected you come here and find a long queue of students waiting for their turn.”

“That obviously brings lateness to class, assembly and other things.”

He further added that the situation is causing students to get back to their dormitory to clean themselves since  the stench the facility mints ,threatens outbreak of cholera.

“Unfortunately too, when they even come out of the place it’s so stinky and smelly that they  can hardly come inside the class as they often have to go to the dorm to clean themselves before they come to the class.”He added.

Some of the student  also lamented on the situation,”you have to come,wait for sometime even if you are affected by diarrhoea u can even deficate into your clothes.

Also speaking complaining on the issue is Sarah Bamireh,a teacher who who doubles as one in charge of health issues of the institution,feared the breakout of epidermic as she revealed in the following comment,” the flies visit here and they come to sit on our food and they are everywhere.”

There is also growing  fear of students falling into the pit.

“Anything can also fall in the pit”.She added.
The institution is therefore appealing to the government to come and aid them to eradicate this situation.

“We are appealing to the government to build as toilets….” 

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