P.V. Was A Gem…His Contributions Made My Tenure Successful- Kufour

Many have branded ex-president Kufour’s tenure as one of the most successful administration Ghana has ever experienced under this 4th republic.

But little did many know that his tenure was ably assisted with rich contributions from his own ‘political opponent’, the late Paul Victor Obeng.

The former president tried as much as possible to sound sanguine in an interview with Okay FM but could not hide the sorrow in his heart.

When the New Patriotic Party took over from the National Democratic Congress in 2000, one person whose position wasn’t ‘political disturbed’ happened to be the late P.V. Obeng.

Former president Kufour explains that as president, he realized how useful and resourceful the late P.V. Obeng was and for that reason allowed him to chair the Ghana Investment Promotion and Council.

“In terms of political ideologies, we never agreed but God blessed P.V. with a big brain. I didn’t make him resign when he was the chairman for Ghana Investment Promotion and Council because I knew he understands that field better.

And even in the NDC, we could all attest that he played an integral role in the party. His duties could be likened to that of a prime minister but the fact remains that he was humble”, ex-president said.