Humans, Lions, Fight For Space

The building which is being put up in the Kumasi Zoo

The building which is being put up in the Kumasi Zoo

The building which is being put up in the Kumasi Zoo 

THERE SEEMS to be a scramble for space between some people and animals as developers are building indiscriminately at the Kumasi Zoo.

A giant edifice is being constructed at a fast rate right at the premises of the zoo under the watch of managers of the place and the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), DAILY GUIDE has observed.

It is situated some few meters away from the place where wild animals like lions are being kept for public view.

The developer seems not to care about the grave danger that the animals pose to people who are putting up the giant structure.

Likewise, the city authorities and the managers of the zoo care less as they have virtually approved the construction work to go on.

When DAILY GUIDE visited the construction site Sunday morning, the ground floor had been completed. Giant pillars had been erected, an indication that more construction work was about to take place.

The building has been located at the far end of the zoo close to the wall which separates the zoo and the Center for National Culture.

The workers were not at the construction site at the time this paper visited the area; and it was not immediately known whether Sundays were not their working days.

The paper noted an environmental hazard as trees around the construction site which provide shade for people, were being felled.

Ironically, the cutting of the trees was taking place at a time that the KMA had launched a programme for one million trees to be planted to make the city green.

According to eye witnesses, the building, when completed, would consist of several stores; and so upon completion, it is clear that the zoo’s wall that is facing the street would also be pulled down to make it possible for people who would rent the stores to display their wares.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that several people in the city had continuously registered their protest against the latest development but to no avail.

The inhabitants have also lambasted the city authorities for allowing the trees around the zoo to be cut down thereby exposing the area to the scorching sun.

Some of the people who spoke to the paper wondered why the KMA and the managers of the zoo could allow a building to be put up right inside the habitat for the animals. They therefore called on the government to intervene before things got out of hand.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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