Generator Dealers Bribe ECG – Says Akua Donkor

Akua Donkor
AKUA Donkor, founder and leader of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), has accused generator dealers in the country of causing the recent energy crisis.

According to her, Ghana currently has no energy quagmire, stating that the energy crisis is an artificial one, being masterminded by generator dealers.

Madam Donkor, who is close to the presidency, alleged that generator dealers bribe Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) officials to switch off lights, frequently in order to make brisk business.

This, she said, created the impression that the country was facing energy crisis ‘and this influence people to buy generators for the dealers to make profit.’

Madam Donkor, who attended the recent Economic Forum at Akosombo, said she made this wild allegation when it was her turn to address the forum.

The GFP leader, who was speaking on radio, said nothing showed Ghana was encountering energy crisis.

She consequently suggested to the experts at the forum to ban importation of generators into the country for commercial purposes.

Akua Donkor argued that if people were prevented from importing generators in large quantities, the so-called energy crisis would be a thing of the past.

The GFP founder said ‘if people import a single generator for use, it should be allowed, but those who have intentions of selling the generators should be stopped.’

Madam Donkor said she addressed her audience in ‘Twi’ language and she was applauded for her insightful message.

Cedi Fall
According to her, she also blamed the free fall of the Ghana cedi on black market racketeers who hoard foreign currency to cause artificial shortage on the market.

She claimed black market racketeers have links in the various banks who release foreign currencies in large quantities to them through the back door.

Madam Donkor said the black market racketeers hold on to the monies without releasing them to the market, resulting in high demand of the currency.

The GFP leader urged the government to quickly restrain black market racketeers from operating since they are the cause of the rapid cedi fall.

She also called for a ban on the sale of coins on the streets, insisting that the trend was also causing the cedi to drop.

Madam Donkor disclosed that attendants of the forum were accommodated in a plush hotel which boasts of world class amenities.

She said there was assorted food and drinks for the participants throughout the period of the forum.

Madam Donkor confessed that indeed the participants of the forum, which was supposed to be used to save the sinking economy, had a nice time together.

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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